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Monopoly is a popular free pokie machine by IGT. It’s played on a 5 reel and a 30 payline layout. It has high volatility and a 96.36% payout percentage plus £30–150 as your bet size. Monopoly has numerous board bonuses, mystery wilds, and prizes that unlock an extra feature level up. There are various levels that Australian punters have to accomplish to win real money. Its highest level is called “titan”, while the lowest level is called “entrepreneur”. All Monopoly icons are wild symbols, big events, Mr. Monopoly, jail symbols, card symbols, dog, car & ship. Monopoly slot has a mobile version and is playable on Android, iPad, iPhone, and Windows. Played this slot on a web browser without installing special software. Aussies can play it on PCs and smartphones through web browsers such as Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Chrome.








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Monopoly Pokie Review

Like its original game, Mr. Monopoly is a key part of it. He appears in certain spots during a game start and a wild symbol. The main screen is clean, taking care of every detail that screams Monopoly pokie machine themed in each corner of the screen. With a luxury vibe based on a classical bank building on all elements shown on screen, following Mr. Monopoly through his life based on businesses and deals doesn’t feel improper.

Symbols used in-game are the well-known Mr. Monopoly himself, a big shining diamond, a dog, a ship, a car, a big event that works as its scatter, its wild symbol, and high values cards that are 10, J, Q, K, A. Find a Jail symbol that only appears during free spins. 

Another important thing to know about is its soundtrack which will make users feel like they are on a trip to charge others all fees for all properties they own. It could feel repetitive after a while, but there is an option to shut it down.

Animations are simple but give all the needed information. Each winning line will shine, showing how to do it and how much each line prize is. Some other touches like spinning animation for each spin, its jackpot animation, autoplay, and counting all earnings once hitting a winning line. Small touches make Monopoly slot games feel like a real machine played in any casino but at home. 

How to Play Monopoly Pokie by IGT

At first, for Monopoly pokie game, its minimum bet is 30, and its maximum is 150 per spin. It’s okay to try for free first to gain more trust in this game. Most information is below reels; others are on each side like extra mystery features that a certain number of wilds can trigger. Mr. Monopoly’s character transforms symbols on every reel into a wild. Don’t be confused. Here’s a detailed list of how to play Monopoly pokies online:

  1. Below a screen is a command button that will adjust bet lines.

  2. With its minus and plus buttons, set a bet size.

  3. Click a big “spin” button to start this game.

  4. Set its autoplay up to 100 spins before stopping; this option will let betting with custom settings non-stop until hitting its 100 spins.

  5. To win a Monopoly pokie online, land 3 or more matching icons in one of its 30 pay lines. This is a combo. It is possible to get more than one combination in one spin.

  6. If hitting a scatter, users will get a pay bonus. This symbol only appears on reels 1, and 3, giving an extra round to play.

  7. Spend less time thinking, and use its MaxBet command to start betting with the highest limit possible.

Paytable & Bonus Symbol Explanation

IGT Monopoly pokie machine winning combinations are enormous, but a few deliver decent payouts when they form a winning combo. See a paytable with coins values below:

SymbolAppearances of a kindGive Bonus
Wild symbol52,000x stake
Big Event (Scatter symbol)20 coins minimum betbeginning extra round subject 1x — 5x multiplier
Mr. Monopoly52,000x bet
Jail symbolappears during free spinsIncreases winning chances
Card symbols: A & K3—520 — 200x stake
Q, J, and 103 — 5pay 10 — 100x stake

IGT Monopoly pokie machines have many winning combinations anyone could hit that would represent a low, decent, or big payout play, depending on different factors and the number of matching symbols users got after that spin. A paytable is a tool that teaches all prizes available in-game.

For symbols like Wild, triggering 5 in the same spins could give 2000x a bet. Big Event scatter needs at least 20 coins to start an extra round with a multiplier from 1x up to 5x. Others, like dogs, cars, or ships, could have up to 5 matching symbols to get a 300x, 500x, or 1000x multiplier; Getting 5 in the same round will trigger a maximum multiplier for them.

Mr. Monopoly symbol could get 5 during each spin; if you’re lucky enough, a 2000x multiplier will be applied to its base bet. Jail symbols only appear during free spins to increase winning chances. Lastly, to trigger a winning pay line, its high-value cards, A & K, must appear 3 – 5 times, and giving bonuses start at 20 up to 200 stakes. For 10, J, and Q, it’s the same, appearing 3 to 5 times to achieve a bonus of 10 up to 100x stake. 

How to Play IGT Monopoly Pokie for Real Money

Playing with real money always makes everyone doubt; it’s normal if this will be users’ first pokie game online. But, just like a monopoly, first, invest before receiving earnings. Imagine building a house or a hotel in your property’s line waiting for someone to step on it. For pokies is different; invest or recharge money to roll into this slot machine to earn prizes based on a base bet; its final earnings will vary depending on how much users can bet each spin. If you’re not convinced to play with money yet, try its free version first, then decide to spend some money to earn some money.

Monopoly pokie game is a popular game by IGT that follows a line for most pokie games online, but with certain personalities others don’t have or lack. Counts with 5 reels and 3 rows for the main screen to play with, resulting in 30 pay lines to bet, starting at 30 for the minimum per spin and reaching 150 dollars, euros, or pounds at its maximum each play. This game offers high volatility with a 96.36% payout percentage, without counting any plus from 30 – 150 closely related to the bet size.

This game has bonuses and prizes to unlock if playing its level-up feature. Try it to reach the best part. Starting, users are placed at its lowest level, called “Entrepreneur”, while advancing and playing more Monopoly slots online; it discovers new levels as part of the experience. The executive, luminary, baron, tycoon, and mogul are at other levels. Once reaching its highest level, called “Titan”, users can get most of the highest prizes in-game by collecting a right amount of money.

One key feature is the possibility to play practically anywhere. Monopoly pokie has a version in HTML5 that will run in most, if not every, web browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Safari, and a long list of others, etc., no matter your operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux). IGT is in everything since it is possible to download this app on mobile devices; whether Android or iOS, Monopoly slot machines are available in both official stores.

Play Monopoly by IGT: Free spins, Jackpot & Other Bonuses

Bonuses, a juicy part from Monopoly pokie machine from IGT. Bonus symbols can land on reels 1, 3, or 5 and activate a feature related. During this process, pick any symbol on a screen to reveal how many rolls are received; it could be 2, 3, or 4. Now pick a mover/piece and move it around its slot board. There are more possibilities to get a bonus; here’s a list:

  • Property bonus: Get 1 respin, extra roll, or both. Its extra roll counts as money. Hitting more of these rewards will be better during this game, and the possibility to get 9,000 coins as well.
  • Utility bonus: Dices have an option for the utility received during this bonus; the sum of the dice will be a total win. Get an extra roll in board bonus if rolling a double.
  • Community / Chance Chest Bonus: No matter which of these are triggered, give a random card that could let move to go square, a certain property, or a utility like electricity or water as an extra feature.
  • Rail Bonus: just as in the real Monopoly, where players could try its railroad to move around the board, in Monopoly pokies, when winning an extra roll in one of these railroads, users can transport themselves to its next rail bonus feature.
  • Go to jail: everyone hates going to jail. But, this feature in Monopoly slots online, no matter if landing on Go to Jail square or roll 3 times doubles, there are only 3 trials to roll doubles; potential winnings may increase up to 300 times of initial bet upon achieving success. When users fail, there will be no reward, and they restart their game from Jail Square.
  • Go Bonus: Pass from going and earn 200; this time, if landing on go square or crossing it, users will receive a 200x stake.
  • Level Up feature: Higher level and earnings when landing a spot property, utilities, railroads, GO, and more. Users will earn an amount that is in a money meter. Once reached, that certain money sum is collected to increase a current level. Each level has bigger rewards; for example, a tycoon level gives a multiplier of 4x and a chance to win 16,000x times a base bet placed.
  • Jackpot: One of the best features that could reach a prize of 18,000 coins when getting to its titan level, the last level available. Monopoly slot machine jackpot will depend on a base bet to achieve its maximum prize. Place a maximum bet available. An extra reward, a jackpot, includes 2 extra rolls.

Tips & Strategies: Chances to Win

Starting a new mobile pokie game like Monopoly will be hard if knowing nothing about slot machines online. Don’t worry too much. There are tips and tricks to make the best experience; this way, users won’t get bored and most of their money. Here’s a list of tips that could be useful for a beginner or more experienced:

  1. Bet on all active paylines available. If there are 30 paylines, use it all to have more winning ways.
  2. Play with high bets to get more earnings. Before funding money into a Monopoly pokie, try its free version first.
  3. Bet size matters; sometimes, it is not the best to use its minimum, but take care of coins to place an accurate bet that will give a good return. Don’t always play the same bet; vary its amount.
  4. Consider all possibilities when trying with real money, and set a realistic bet limit that won’t cross no matter what.
  5. Bonus games and free spins are there for a reason, don’t be shy and play them.
  6. Before any movement in-game, find its winning combinations and their paytable.
  7. Play Monopoly pokies real money in casinos with a good reputation that pays regularly.
  8. Pause momentarily or change a pokie if tired of losing one after another.


How does Monopoly pokie differ from IGT online slots?

Monopoly online pokie differs from other IGT slots with its level up game which incorporates a progressive ladder system into the pokie structure.

How to get Monopoly pokie's jackpot?

Monopoly pokie provides an 18,000 coins jackpot. Win this money by reaching the highest level. In addition, set maximum bets per spin.

What are the chances to win in Monopoly pokie?

Monopoly-free slot has high volatility, 96% RTP, and a high payouts frequency. Activate all paylines to increase winning chances and more real money rewards.

Are there tips for Monopoly pokie to win big?

Select all paylines and play on high stakes to increase winning chances. When facing a losing period, make lower bets. Choose a reliable online casino to guarantee fair gaming results.

How to create more winning combinations?

Create winning combinations randomly during gameplay. Wild icons (bankers) can substitute other symbols to help in creating winning combos.

How does my winning depend on my bet?

Winning a Monopoly pokie game are multipliers by your placed bet; to achieve higher prizes, play with the maximum bet possible.

Can I play Monopoly pokie for real money on this site?

Yes, you can try it on this site with any preferred web browser; Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Brave or any other that works with HTML5.

Is there a Monopoly slots app to download?

Yes. Players can download a mobile device app in the preferred store related to their operating system (Android or iOS).

How does the Monopoly slot work?

Monopoly slot works with paylines and matching symbols. To win any prize, even its lowest ones, users must match at least 3 symbols in a payline to get a reward.

What's the max win in Monopoly pokie?

The maximum you could get is 18,000 coins when getting its jackpot on the highest level possible or placing its maximum bet with Titan level.

In which casinos is this slot available?

There are numerous casinos available with the possibility to play Monopoly slots online; one of the most popular is Stay Casino.

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