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The Relax Gaming’s Money Train online slot machine has been hugely successful in the gaming market and the developer is back now with a highly anticipated follower. The new online Money Train 2 slot game has the same look and bonus form as the original game, but with some updates that will surely please the fans of the original game.







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Play Money Train 2 Slot Machine by Relax Gaming

Relax Gaming presents the high resulted graphical more functional features Slot to play in online pokies. Money Train 2 is a 40 pay line online slot machine developed by Relax Gaming. Features include a response bonus and a free spins bonus with many types of special symbols. The RTP of this highly volatile slot machine ranges from 96.4% to 98% and its first prize is worth 50,000 times. As the name suggests, Money Train 2 is the sequel to an already popular slot machine. It uses similar high-quality graphics and features 4 playing card symbols and 5 western characters in a Steampunk-style setting.

A wild skull symbol pays the highest prizes and also replaces the others if it can complete a 5-reel line and 40 pay lines. It’s always hard to get close to a sequel to a slot machine, the players loved the first one for a reason, so how much do you upgrade or change?Money Train 2 has a more up-to-date look and feel and has a more modern and detailed aesthetic than the first game. It also seems to have a sweeter feel and more of a steampunk aesthetic. This is a big improvement over the first Money Train slot machine. The wheels sit on a train in a western sci-fi municipality and are designed to look great on iOS, Android, and Windows computers, smartphones, and tablet phones.

How to Play Money Train 2 Slot

The betting range is 0.20 to 20.00 per spin, which is a bit low, but it does include some amazing payouts. Win 50,000 times your bet at the highest level of betting and collect an amount of 1,000,000.00 from the Money Train 2 slot machine. It is very easy to create and click on the small coin stacks on the controls to open the betting options. If you want to relax while the wheels are spinning, click the arrow in a circle, and the dual arrow button starts a quick play mode. With so many bonuses on the best slot sites, it is recommended that you check the payout table before playing and open it by clicking on the 3 small lines in the lower right corner of the screen. In addition to further details on the features, the table lists the amount you earn from each symbol with value-added card games up to 5 times your bet and 20%. Some other points that make to understand to play Money Train 2 slot:

  1. Money Train 2 has an exciting theme that many slot machines will love. Very few will have negative words about the design or the game. They are both witty and fit perfectly into a game with a point to prove.
  2. Before playing, make sure that the game settings are adjusted to your preferences. The first thing you need to do is choose the value of the coin that fits in your pocket. The game allows players to choose from $ 0.10 to $ 20. This number is the total bet as you play with 40 active pay lines.
  3. Money Train 2 has a lot of funny characters. All of these serve one purpose or another, adding to the overall excitement of this game. The symbol of the skull is the wild here. The token can replace any other to complete a winning pay line.
  4. The basic game in Money Train 2 will interest many. Provides players with a response function and various symbols with different payouts. But if you are going to make progress in this slot machine, you have to enter the Money Cart bonus round.

Paytable & Bonus Symbols

Played for medium to low stakes, win prizes by matching the symbols on the lines on the left. Bonus symbols activate the reel response that continues until you win and with an increasing multiplier in each response, this is a feature where you want to see as many rounds as possible! During the free spins mode, special symbols appear, offering a wide variety of extra treats, such as extra multipliers and extra spins. Many surprises are waiting for you in this online slot machine. This includes re-spins, multipliers, bonus games, market functionality, and more. Players can discover all these possibilities whether they are playing the Money Train 2 demo or for real money:

  • Wild: the head of the skeleton represents the wild symbol in the game. It is a substitute for all symbols.
  • Respin Mode: when two regular bonus symbols land on the reels, they will activate the response function. This will also come with a multiplier. The response continues until a victory is achieved.
  • Cash bonus: when 3 scatter symbols appear on the reels, they will activate the cash basket bonus. A permanent symbol can also replace a bonus symbol when this bonus is activated. Once the round starts, the persistent symbol will award a prize, while the scatter symbol will become a multiplier. You will also start the bonus with 3 free spins. The counter will reset each time you land a symbol.

Real Money Play

To be able to play your favorite for real money:

  1. Register with the casino. Even without registration, you can spend a credit show, but to play for real money you must register at a casino. As mentioned above, check for restrictions before starting the registration process.
  2. Make your deposit. After registering at the casino, go to the bank page and choose the payment method from the available payments (the best-case scenario is that your deposit method can also be used for withdrawal). Fill in the payment details and wait for the transaction to be completed. Check payment terms and commissions in advance (currency conversion fees will be charged, for example, US dollars in euros, US dollars in Canadian dollar reserves, etc.).
  3. Play your beloved slot. After depositing at their casino, you can use real money slot applications, mobile browsers, or even desktop computers to play. Most casinos are equipped with devices, which means you can get them from all devices. After entering the game lobby, activate your address in Money Form, then select the correct pay lines and stake size appropriate for you. Your first round!

We can see that it is possible to use online slot machines and thus invest real money in them, but we should think that it is possible if we choose the right slot machine. Choosing the best ad space is also very important, as it can make us have complete success. Money Train 2 Slot is a slot where you can use real money through casinos. In this slot, we will get a lot of benefits if we use rail funds carefully:

  • Make sure you understand what you are doing or that you have complete guidance about it.
  • Do you understand everything that is making you perfect?

But when you use the Money Train 2 slot where you want to play with real money, it is a great choice.

Bonus Rounds, Free Spins, Other Bonuses

There is a response function that is activated when two standard bonus symbols appear on the reels. Each of the symbols reveals a multiplier that is added and they respond until a victory is achieved. Each time there is a non-winning spin, the multiplier will increase by 1x. Once you win, this multiplier will be applied to your prize as you score that. There is also the Money Cart bonus, a favorite of the original Money Train slot. When this bonus is active, you start with 3 free spins. Each time you receive a token, the free spin counter is reset. The round ends only when the counter reaches 0. Each symbol that falls on the wheels has a special function:

  1. Bonus: a prize is between  from 1x to 10x;
  2. Golden bonus: a prize is  between 20x to 200x;
  3. Payer: adds a multiplier to all current symbols on the reels;
  4. Collector: show its value and then collects the values of all other symbols to update its total;
  5. Collector/Payer: adds a multiplier to all other symbols and adds all other symbols to your total;
  6. Sniper: double the price up to 8 bonus symbols;
  7. Necromancer: revives a character that has already been used;
  8. Reset plus: increase the original number of free spins by 1. Then, the first time you activate this bonus, a new symbol will reset the free spins counter to four. The second time, the response counter will return to five and so on;
  9. Permanent payer: adds a multiplier to all symbols on each spin;
  10. Persistent Sniper: doubles the value by up to 8 symbols on each incoming spin;
  11. Persistent Collector: collects all the multipliers of the symbol and adds it to your set for each subsequent spin.

As you can see, with all the crazy feature symbols in the free spins bonus, it is perfectly understandable that there is a first prize of 50,000x. Of course, really big payouts (persistent) are very difficult to activate.

Extra Features

Money Train 2 detects a basic game response mode activated when you have 2 regular bonus symbols on the reels. The game will add multipliers to the bonus symbols and display them in parallel. You will then receive a response until you achieve a winning combination. Each spin that does not lead to a win will add one to the multiplier total. The best part of this slot is the Money Cart Bonus. You get this bonus when 3 or more bonus symbols appear on the reels. You will be transported to a new environment, the wagon pulled by the train. You will have 3 rounds to start. Each spin can reveal a multiplier, which is added to the set. When a spin reaches the bonus multiplier, the spin number is reset to the original 3 spins, until it reaches zero. As the cylinder fills with multipliers, the screen expands, revealing new wheels.

Bonus frequency: the spin bonus is activated quite often. We were only 17 laps the first time we entered the bonus round, which was a good way to start the session. We were 65 spins the second time we turned it on, so it’s a nice feature that will keep you going while you wait for the bonus round.

Money Train 2 Slot Maximum Winnings, RTP, and Volatility

The multiplier of up to 50,000 times your bet is one of the largest we have ever seen, although the maximum bets are only 20.00 per spin, it adds up to a potential 1,000,000.00, which is less than some games or slots. The high volatility means that the relatively rare spins won are offset by relatively high-value prizes and the Money Train 2 slot has an excellent average yield of 96.4%.

Tips & Strategy

Here’s a list of helpful tips and tricks on how to increase your chances of winning Money Train 2:

  1. Choose your bit: choose a bet from $ 0.2 to $ 20 per spin. You start by setting the bet amount using the + and – buttons at the bottom of the screen
  2. Spin the reels: with your bet in place, click the spin button to spin the reels. Use the large button to press the autoplay icon to turn the wheels manually.
  3. Do not forget the winning combinations: when the corresponding symbols are formed by the left and right reel, winning combinations will also be created
  4. Use the autoplay feature in slot: it may play automatically if you want to stop clicking the spin button manually. Set the desired number of rounds or rounds. The number of rounds left is also visible. Automatically, you can set up to play up to 1000 spins and limit both losses and single wins.
  5. Match the symbols: landing three or more matching symbols on any payline 40 will give you your winnings. If you receive the Necromancer symbols which are said to be the most generous symbol, you will receive a win equal to 20 times your bet.
  6. Multiply your slot’s prize: the total multiplier will be calculated and added to the total cash prize.
  7. Play for free: the online slots developed by Relax Gaming come with a demo version that allows players / users to enjoy free gaming sessions without the need to download, deposit or register. You can start playing without betting real money. With this, you can first get acquainted with a variety of bonus features, character symbols and other winning strategies that will work best for you.
  8. Check out the paytable: most players are not interested and simply ignore the payroll, but it plays an essential role in creating the game because it is considered the game tutorial. If you take the time to learn this feature, you can better understand how to increase your chances of winning the real money betting game.
  9. Get free spins: to increase your chances of making the most of Money Train 2, you need to buy as many spins as possible for your bet. This would be more useful for people with high budgets and high experience. However, it is a random game. so, in the end you take risks.
  10. Stay in the bonus round (slot’s bonus round): also, try to stay as long as possible in the bonus round. The bonus round is another great way to earn a lot on Money Train 2. The longer you stay, the more likely you are to win big. Try to get a reel full of symbols and another column will be added in this situation. This will help to extend your stay in the bonus round.

Money Train Slot fans will surely love the second version and its features that are most functional. Money Train 2 contains all the features that led to its success in online slots. from the attractive bonus to its dynamic appearance, its high variability, and the variety of its symbols. The game can be fun and profitable, but winning or losing is part of the game, so you need to be prepared for it. Money Train 2 offers every aspect, from its unique theme and improved animation to the engineers that make it stand out and its chances of winning.

Rating of Money Train 2 Slot

The Money Train 2 Slot has higher ratings than the previous slot Money Train 1 Slot. Slot 1 lacked some features but slot 2 has introduced many features with better graphics. It’s not that Slot 1 lacked features. Less to say, it had all the casino’s features of the time. But now with the change of rules and more features, Slot 2 is a better one.


What is the RTP of Money Train 2 Slot?

Money Train 2's RTP ranges from 96.4% to 98%.

What is the biggest win in Money Train 2 Slot?

The biggest win you can get in Money Train 2 is worth 50,000x.

How volatile is Relax’s Money 2 Slot?

Money Train 2 is a very high volatility slot.

Is there a free spins bonus in Money Train 2 Slot?

Yes, there is a free spins bonus which is triggered by three bonus symbols. It starts with 3 spins and goes back to 3 each time an additional symbol lands on the reels.

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