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Irish Luck is the best option for an engaging slot with bright colours and many video slots touchstones. Irish Luck is a slot created by PlayTech that enlightens gamers on Ireland culture. It showcases the magnificent Irish green hills, and comes with a host of Irish-themed symbols such as the shamrock, loves heart ring, horseshoe, Claddagh rings, Celtic symbol, four-leaf clover, and harp. There are 5 reels, 3 rows, 30 paylines, and 95.0% RTP in this free demo mode slot. Australian gamblers can choose any coin denomination as long as it is in the range of 0.01-5.00. Upon winning real money from playing, gamble hard-won funds, increasing their balance twofold.








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10,000 credits

Irish Luck Online Pokie Bonus Symbols, Multipliers: Paytable

Its paytable icon is a group of 6 layered boxes found between its ‘Games’/’Help’ icons. It shows the Wild, Scatter, and of-a-kind symbols along with their multiplier values and qualities.

The 30 paylines are depicted with their rules guiding their application. The Bonus associated with its Scatter (Gold Pot) symbol is given in detail. Its paytable gives you an overview of the rules determining winnings in Irish Luck pokie game.

  • Celtic Knot. This symbol rewards 6,000, 4,000, and 1,000 coins for landing 5, 4, and 3 matching icons in a row. Its Celtic knot signifies 3 natural forces: earth, fire, and water. Its sole line signifies unity, and its spirals signify growth. The spaces between its spirals are said to signify 3 key stages of life, which are life, death, and rebirth.
  • Harp & Horseshoe. In free play mode, these symbols pay 3,000, 1000, and 250 coins for landing 5, 4, and 3 matching symbols in a row. Its Harp has been a heraldic symbol of Ireland and Irish nationalism since the 13th century. Significance of Horseshoe. Its Horseshoe signifies good luck/protection. Superstitious beliefs regarding its horseshoe originate from the connection of the trade of blacksmiths with the devil.
  • Claddagh Ring. This symbol pays 2,000, 500, and 100 coins for 5, 4, and 3 matching sequences. Its Claddagh consists of three key components—a crown, a heart, and hands. These components each have their significance. The heart signifies love, the crown signifies loyalty, and the hands signify friendship.
  • Card Symbols (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 9, and 10). The cards are low-paying symbols with a maximum of 200 coins for any 5 symbols by 1 line. Card symbols may not have any specific significance in Irish culture, but they are popular as luck symbols for players of pokies and slots worldwide. They are used as fillers in this game.
  • Gold Pot Scatters. In its free mode, Gold pot scatters result in extra spins when at least 3 appear anywhere on its reels. When getting 3 or more scatters, a Leprechaun exits the pot and takes 8 free games to screen. You can win 33 extra spins plus a 15 times multiplier on winnings gotten while this feature is on. In its payout mode, scatters generate 2, 5, 20 & 500 coins for stacking 2, 3, 4, & 5 sequences of the same kind. In Irish folklore, it is presumed that there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. The gold pot signifies the realization of one’s hopes and dreams, ultimate success, fulfillment, and happiness. A gold pot may also translate to a huge windfall of sudden wealth.
  • Redhead Lady. Its redhead lady icon acts as a wild symbol. It appears to substitute all other icons except scatters to complete its winning combination. It is very profitable for a player when 5 redhead ladies appear in one row. When this happens, this game gives a 10,000 coins payout. Wilds offer only 250 coins for 3 reels and 2,500 for landing 4 on reels. Significance of Redhead Lady. Redhead ladies have, over time, been used to symbolize deceit and love affairs.

How To Play Irish Luck Pokie by Playtech

This Irish Luck pokie online uses 5 reels, 30 paylines, and 3 rows. This allows for multiplied winning on paylines. Its icons can be classified into high-paying and low-paying icons. Icons with higher returns include its Celtic knot, harp, horseshoe, and Claddagh ring. The card symbols constitute low-paying icons. Its gold pot scatters symbol allows a user to obtain 33 extra spins (free) with a 15 times multiplier. It is also possible to have bonus rounds triggered and get more free spins.

Numerous mobile casinos and free platforms allow playing in free mode before trying with real money. Gaming sites that provide this Irish Luck online pokie do not require registration. Once clicking ‘Play Now for Free, you immediately get a chance to play it by spinning its reels.

The Irish Luck pokie machine has a fair return-to-player value ratio of 95%. This implies that a wager of 50 euros will result in a minimum of 47.5 euros. The following rules explain How to play Irish Luck pokie:

  1. This game starts when users choose a coin value of 0.01 – 0.05 and set a maximum spin of 15 euros.

  2. Paylines can be adjusted. More paylines mean increased winning chances.

  3. Press ‘Start’ once you are alright with a set bet. This sets the reels in motion.

  4. Stack at least 3 matching icons in a row to get an Irish Luck pokie game winning combination.

  5. For Gold pot scatters, two matching symbols alone can result in a winning combo.

  6. When at least 2 winning combos appear on a payline, it reflects on the payout amount. Users can get 2 times, 3 times, or more payout value. This is determined by the number of winning combinations that show on paylines.

  7. Users can try Irish Luck slot game autostart button to gamble 1000 spins. Before doing this, set your preferred bet value because that value will be used throughout its spins.

  8. Set the bet at its maximum value for a spin using its MaxBet button.

Play Irish Luck Pokie for Real Money

Playing Irish Luck for real money is better when familiarizing yourself with properly spinning its reels in its free mode. The constant need to constantly try free mode cannot be overemphasized as it helps improve skills and learn new strategies.

Real money version of the Irish Luck pokie game requires registration with a mobile casino site. This mode allows playing for getting a cash reward. Create an account, search for reputable licensed casinos, click on the signup button, and start registration. Enter name, email address, age details, contact address, and phone number in specified fields. Most casinos will request a valid ID to verify identity in implementing their Know Your Customer policy. Choose a currency with a banking method to deposit cash after account verification to play for real money. The game does not require application installation to play. Get access – play via Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any recent web browser.

Playing Irish Luck pokies for real money requires a funded account. Users must locate the home page of a reputable casino and create an account. Personal details will be required for this. Once this account is set, you can choose any payment platform to deposit/withdraw funds. The following tips can help increase winning odds: use a high-paying casino, and ensure all paylines are activated when the bet is split.

Bonuses and Jackpot

Bonuses and jackpots are important to the profitability of Irish Luck pokies for real money. As an intending player, it is important to familiarize yourself with its symbols/scenarios that result in bonuses and jackpots to increase users’ chances of getting large payouts.

  • Free Spins. Its Gold Pot scatter releases extra spins when 2 or more of them appear anywhere on its payline. When landing at least 3 or more, a leprechaun will jump off its pot and transport you to a screen to get 8 free spins. This bonus can be triggered up to 33 additional free spins plus a 15x multiplier reward.
  • Bonus round of Irish Luck slot. This is determined by a collection of leprechaun and fairy tale symbols. Leprechauns appear from matching Gold Pot scatter symbols. When gaining at least 3 Leprechauns serially, it starts the “Prize Pick” feature. Each Leprechaun icon users have gained earlier can earn them a pick. Upon revealing a fairy tale icon, you can make winnings to 100x its total amount bet. If its symbol picked is a Leprechaun, you will get 10 extra spins. The exact paylines/bets triggering the bonus will be used to play additional rounds. All wins get doubled for the period in which additional rounds are on.
  • Scatter is awarded when 2 or more Gold Pot Scatter symbols appear on the reels. This game’s Scatter has a fixed-payout cash prize which means with more Scatters; there will be larger payout multipliers.
  • Wild symbol. This bonus feature of its Wild symbol is that it doubles the win of the payline it occurs on. It also includes a different payout when there are at least 2 Wild symbols on any active payline.
  • Multiplier of Irish Luck pokie online. The multipliers for its various bonuses vary. The most common is its 15x multiplier for its 33 free spins attached to the Gold Pot bonus.
  • Jackpot. Irish Luck slot game operates a non-progressive jackpot but offers a maximum fixed jackpot prize of 10,000 when a player lands 5 matching symbols of the Redhead Lady (its Wild symbol).

Free Irish Luck Pokie

You can try Irish Luck pokie for free without registering or downloading an app. There are numerous online gaming sites or mobile casinos where Irish Luck free pokie is available to try for free. Such mobile casinos include PokiesLab,, and Here, users get immediate access to play by spinning its reels and can keep doing it for an extended session until they feel they’ve honed their skills enough to try with real money.

Benefits of playing Irish Luck free: It gives a user a preview of how this game with real money is played, making them better prepared to try it with real money. It is a source of easy entertainment for users.

What Pros and Cons of Irish Luck Pokie Machine?

The pros of this pokie are the features that make it preferable to play, especially when compared with other online pokies. The cons are the features which are better on other pokies than the Irish Luck pokie game.


  1. Interesting theme. Its Irish culture/folk symbols theme is quite interesting and helps stimulate its user’s interest.

  2. Nice design. Irish Luck slot machine has a nice design with cool colors like the dominant green and multicolored items like its rainbow and playing icons.

  3. Bonuses. It features bonuses like free spins, gold pot bonus rounds, and multipliers.


  1. Average RTP. Its RTP is 95% lower than the standard 96%.

  2. Non-progressive Jackpot. Its jackpot does not increase with an increased number of spins.

Are There Irish Luck Pokie Game for Phones?

Irish Luck slot game is developed on HTML5 and can be played on any mobile device, including iPhones, Android, iPad, and Windows Phones. There is no need to download it before playing on a phone.

Users’ winning chances are almost equal for most slot/pokie games. But, paying attention to a few rules of thumb can aid winning chances playing Irish Luck slots:

  1. You should start by trying in free mode to learn tips/techniques to win.

  2. Try hunting for a bonus feature that gives multiplier wins.

  3. Users can vary bets but play Irish Luck pokies online on all paylines to increase their winning chances.

  4. To allow for fun, play with a budget range.

  5. Hit and run approach may not help.

  6. Utilize RTP appropriately.

  7. Use reputable casino sites to play Irish Luck slot for real money.


How is Irish Luck pokie different from other slots?

Playtech's Irish Luck Pokie has 30 paylines which is more than standard 20-25 in general. Also, with more than 33 free spin features where a 2-symbol combination is considered to be a winning one, players have a lot more chances to enjoy their bonuses here. Its unique Prize Pick feature, as well as Match & Win bonus, set it apart from others.

How does one register to play Irish Luck free pokie?

There is no need to register on any website to play Irish Luck: you will have immediate access once you click on the “Play Now for Free” button. If a player wants to get more bonus features and real rewards, they are required to register in any real money version. This is also necessary to collect winnings as they have to be stored on a created account balance.

Is it possible to get more free spins after the initial ones have been used?

You have a chance of winning extra 8 or more free spins in Irish Luck Pokie when 3 or more gold scatters appear on its reels. Overall, 33 additional free spins are possible to be won.

How does one hit the jackpot in the Irish Luck pokie machine?

A jackpot is won by stacking 5 matching symbols of Wild (Redhead Lady)

What is the jackpot for this slot?

The jackpot prize for this slot is 10,000 credits.

What activates Irish Luck pokie's free spins?

Its free spins are activated by matching 2 or more Gold Pot scatter symbols.

What are the best features of this pokie?

The best features of this pokie include an averagely high number of paylines (30), nice game design, and attractive bonuses.

Can I use my Windows Phone to play the Irish Luck slot?

Yes. This slot can be played on any HTML5-compatible device.

What do I need to play this slot on PC?

To play on a PC, what is needed is an internet connection and access to any site that hosts that game.

What feature is unique to the Irish Luck free pokie compared to other pokies by the same provider?

The Irish gamble feature (where a player between a black/red card to either double all winnings or forfeit all) is unique to this pokie.

Which symbols are high-paying in this game?

High-paying symbols of Irish Lucky pokie include the Celtic knot, harp, horseshoe, and Claddagh ring.

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